Trishuli River Rafting Trip

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The Trishuli River, originating in the Tibet and flowing into Nepal through the Gosainkunda region, is often used for short white- water breaks for the tourists heading to Pokhara and other western regions of Nepal out of Kathmandu. But for the enthusiasts of rafting, Trishuli can offer two or even more days’ of exciting water -course experience. Definitely much more than a momentary play with its blue waters! The put-in point is generally Charaundi and the put-out point is Mugling for two day’s trip.

Leaving aside the monsoon season, the currents in the Trishuli River are gentle with its rapids categorized into grade II and III. The monsoon swell definitely makes the river formidable, turning its rapids dangerous and creating numerous whirlpools. So, hardly anyone dares challenge its fury during this time. At other seasons however, Trishuli gets the busiest time with numerous rafting groups performing roller-coaster rides on its sweeping currents.

During the two day’s itinerary we have prepared, you will enjoy scenes of varying landscapes, numerous gorges, fertile farmlands, as well as a lot of floral and faunal diversity. Locals cheer you in your journey from time to time and you get yourself wild at night in the riverside camp—dancing, singing, eating and drinking. A fine mixture of merriest and chill moments—that is the identity of Trishuli River Rafting Trip.

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Charaundi; Rafting from Charaundi to Kurintar

Day 2: Kurintar to Muglin

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Charaundi; Rafting from Charaundi to Kurintar
We start at 7 o’clock from Kathmandu , and reach Charaundi before 9 o’clock. We quickly make the raft ready, brief you about safety and what you need to do en-route, and get into water. We navigate through grade II and III rapids during the day. The rapids bear names, some Nepali and some English! Our guides will tell the stories. We lunch at the river bank just before we enter the Trishuli gorge. It is a spectacular, wild spot with huge boulders, rendered smooth and looking like sculptures by years of powerful currents. After lunch, we pass through the gorge. Here the river narrows down, and the rapids increase in number and intensity. We emerge at Jholengepul where locals from a long suspension bridge cheer us as we pass under it. We stop at Kuringtar and establish our camp in this wild, starkly beautiful Trishuli beach.

Day 2: Kurintar to Muglin
This is a short day, but very interesting. We meander our raft through densely forested canyon that offers good opportunities for bird-watching. We also see and meet locals on the way, mostly belonging to Magar and Gurung ethnicities. Then we stop our journey at Muglin and go either to Pokhara or return to Kathmandu.

Country: Nepal
Duration: 2 days
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