Lapchi Kang Pilgrimage Tour

Lapchi Kang Pilgrimage Tour takes you to the phenomenal visit of more than 50 monasteries and hermitages, which are mostly caves in mountains. The Lapchi Mountain, belonging to the sacred triad of Jambudipa as mentioned in the Puranas (ancient holy texts), is the magnet of this tour. This tour takes you to the ancient roots of Buddhism in Nepal like Lumbini.

Laphchi Kang Pilgrimage Tour's center of attraction is the Lapchi Monastery, which is as much sacred for the Hindus as for the Buddhists. The monastery showcases the religious and spiritual heritage in the grand architecture that is more than 400 years old. Also called Chura Gepheling, the monastery stands atop a tree-covered ridge that commands the impressive view of the confluence of two rivers. In the Hinduism and Buddhism, the confluences are highly charged with spiritual significance. The fifty or so monasteries and caves of this area are related to Milarepa, -- a twelfth century Buddhist sage and poet who served as the spiritual figurehead of the Kagyupa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The area lies in the border between Nepal and Tibet.

The Lapchi Kang tour is not just for the followers and believers in Buddhist belief. The place offers an enviable trekking route in the high mountain region. There are plenty of pleasant sights and serenity to take in here. Even a detached traveler finds a lot to appreciate—the art and architecture of the monasteries and caves, the scenes of surrounding mountains and other natural formations of this high alpine region. It is as much a Buddhist pilgrimage as a charming destination for travelers.

Furthermore, you can experience an adventure quest in the region if you follow a two-week circumambulation route around the area. In this case, you will cross as many as seven high mountain passes. If you want to choose an easier option, the other route takes about 4 days. Even when following this convenient route, you will not lose any of the spiritual and scenic treasures of the area. The choice is entirely yours. Whether you are a pilgrim or an ordinary traveler, choose the route that suits your time, health and your interest.

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley
Day 3: Drive from Kathmandu to Singati
Day 4: Trek from Singati to Jagat
Day 5: Trek from Jagat to Lapchi area
Days 6-9: Circumambulation of Lapchi and exploration of Lapchi monastery     
Days 10-13: Trek back to Singati and drive to Kathmandu     
Day 14: International Departure

Health & Fitness Requirement:

This trip requires you to be in good health and physically fit. So, we recommend thorough physical examination before you start the trek.


Your familiarity with the mountainous terrain and previous trekking experience will be plus points.

Travel Insurance:

  • Make sure that you are insured against cancellations, accidents, health, emergency evacuation and loss, theft of, or damage to, baggage and personal effects.
  • In emergency situations, we will arrange for a helicopter rescue, medical treatment and after care for you. All these costs shall be borne by your travel insurance company.

Required Equipments/Gears:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Down jacket
  • LED headlight
  • Water bottle
  • First-aid kit
  • Water purification solution
  • Trekking poles
  • Raincoat
  • Sunglasses
  • Full fingers gloves
  • Socks
  • Thermal cap
  • Fleece
  • Sunscreen


  • You can choose to bring these equipments yourself. However, we can help you get these things after you arrive here if you want to travel light.
  • We will arrange your pick-up/drop-off according to your flight schedule.
  • We can customize this itinerary according to your interests and preferences.

Documents required:

  • TIMS Card
  • Scanned copies of passport sized photo and passport of each participant
  • Travel insurance

Country: Nepal
Duration: 14 days
Grade: Strenuous
Group Size: 5