Kanchenjunga Expedition

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If you want to prove yourself an inveterate mountaineer to the world and to yourself, then Kanchenjunga ascent (8598m) is one of the ideal platforms to test yourself. The world’s third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, is in the easternmost point of the Himalayan Range of Nepal bordering Sikkim of India. Kanchenjunga is a spectacular mountain with numerous satellite spires clustered around, and at least one of these satellite peaks goes over 8,000 meters. Called Yalung Kang (8420m), some regard it as a separate peak.

Climbers usually follow north face route to reach the top of Kanchenjunga. Although safer than other routes, it has its own challenges. The first of the major challenges is to fix ropes for nearly a kilometer from its base camp, usually fixed at 5,180m. When you overcome the effort of fixing the ropes and the effort of reaching the North Col, another arduous leg of the ascent begins. Onwards from the North Col, three high camps are set in the direction of the summit. You will beam with immense satisfaction, a sense of victory, and an incredible panorama of the high, icy world around as you stand atop Nepal’s second tallest mountain.

Mt Kanchenjunga held the record of being the world’s tallest mountain in the early days of survey, following Mt Dhualagiri. Soon afterwards, the real prince, Mt Everest was discovered. But mountaineers attempted the peak as early as Mt Everest. The first successful climb was in 1956 by a British team, only three years after the first ever successful climb of Mt Everest. Like all mountaineering ventures of Nepal, the trail to Mt Kanchenjunga and the return from it is a superb trek in the high mountains and hills of Nepal.

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2 – 5: Preparations in Kathmandu.
Day 6: Drive from Kathmandu to Phidim (3158m)
Day 7: Phidim preparation day
Day 8: Trek from Phidim to Panchami Night in Camp
Day 9: Trek from Panchami to Doban;
Day 10: Trek from Doban to Khewang;
Day 11: Trek from Khewang to Yamphudin;
Day 12: Trek from Yamphudin to Amje Khola;
Day 13: Trek from Amje Khola to Toronto;
Day 14: Trek from Toronto to Tseram:
Day 15: Trek from Tseram to Ramje;
Day 16: Trek from Ramje to Glacier Camp;
Day 17: Trek from Glacier Camp to Kanchenjunga Base Camp
Day 18 – 20: Rest and acclimatization at KBC
Day 21 – 51: Climbing
Day 52: Return to Ramje
Day 53: Trek from Ramje to Amje Khola
Day 54: Trek from Amje Khola to Yamphudin
Day 55: Trek from Yamphudin to Khewang
Day 56: Trek from Khewang to Panchami
Day 57: Trek from Pnchami to Ghopetar
Day 58: Drive from Gopetar to Kathmandu
Day 59: International departure

Country: Nepal
Duration: 59 days
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